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I’m sure many of you view the digital To-Do list as I did in the past: just another To-Do item added to the pile. However, that hasn’t stopped me from downloading and testing out various applications over the years and continue to be on the hunt for a simple tool that can help me stay on point.  I’m not the only one… Productivity is a hot topic and there are many companies out there racing to develop software everyone wants.  As evidence of this, there are over 45 thousand applications in the Apple App store under the Productivity category per’s running tally.

So what did I stumble upon in the vast sea of applications promising better management of my day?  Swipes.

I had been looking for an easy to use tool that would integrate nicely not only with my daily workflow but also with my digital ecosystem as I’m a heavy user of Evernote and multiple email accounts.  As I was searching around the web for “the” tool, Swipes’ website claimed it could help me “collect, organize and take action on the right tasks at the right time”.  This peaked my interest since COAR is such a integral part of my life and any tool providing efficient ways was worth exploring.

Here are 5 reasons why Swipes is awesome:

1) It’s easy!  This is by far the most important feature of Swipes.  Many other to-do tools force you to construct a hierarchical system for your daily tasks and have many steps to complete just to get an item on the list.  Not Swipes.  You can have a new task added to your list in two taps.

2) You can access it from multiple platforms.  Swipes can managed from your desktop via the well designed web interface or the mobile application.

3) It ties directly into Evernote.  As a heavy user of Evernote, I find myself needing one screen to see what notes have unchecked tasks so linking all of those items into Swipes gives me a quick peek into what I have left to finish.

4) It ties into your Google email.  Everyone has tried to use the inbox as a to-do list at some point whether it’s forwarding an email back to yourself so it stays on top of the pile or simply marking a message as unread so your inbox never reaches inbox zero.  This method is not as efficient as it seems so Swipes let you label an email message as “Swipes” within your Gmail and it will be added directly to your list.

5) Swipes wants you to put things off for later.  No one reading this procrastinates, right?  Swipes wants you to literally swipe the task away either because you finished it like a champion or you need to save it for later.  You can quickly swipe away your to-dos in and effort to reach your most important task at the moment.  I appreciate the design Swipes has created to help minimize distractions and help you maintain focus on your list one-by-one.

Have you downloaded Swipes?  Are there any other tools it should integrate with to make your daily task management easier?

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