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We Can Be Many Things


A lifetime of being a founder, executive, advisor, investor, and mentor has provided key insights into all aspects of starting and scaling your business.


I've always enjoyed words, though my mind may not always provide them in the best format. Write, read, change, write, repeat. 😂

Multi-dimensional Creative

I tend to express creativity or myself in whatever way that fits the mood of the day. Camera, keyboard, or banana; who knows.

Building Better Businesses Right From the Start

Aaron Vick


I create thoughtful experiences spanning technology, art, and ideas to foster human connection, self-discovery, and collective growth in an increasingly virtual world.

Through my boundary-pushing art collections like the provocative series fusing AI and cultural commentary, to speaking engagements on harmonizing innovation and ethics, my work aims to both unveil the inner light that binds us and challenge assumptions on technology’s cultural impact.

My writing and art reveal the promises and pitfalls of emerging technologies like blockchain and AI while affirming hope. Whimsical products bring playfulness to screen overload. My essays invite rediscovering life’s meaning at society’s digital frontier.

At AaronVick, the throughline is elevating our collective potential across physical and virtual layers of life. The future remains undetermined – I invite you to help shape it with compassion.

Be sure to download the Ultimate Startup Guide if you need a place to begin when planning your new company. Check out my web3 blog posts for the latest insights on blockchain and crypto. And explore thought-provoking books like Humanity’s Ledger examining technology’s societal impacts through philosophical questioning.

I welcome you to join the community pursuing purpose beyond personas. Let’s navigate the road ahead together.

Startup Life is a State of Mind

The Plan


Essential steps for any entrepreneur growing a small business or startup.



Start marketing and developing your idea to create 10x growth.



Reap the rewards for your hard work in the startup grind and invest wisely.