What’s The Future Of Artificial Intelligence And Law?

artificial intelligence and law

I was glad to offer Nick Hastreiter my insight into the future of AI within the legal space.  We are in exciting times technologically as we watch faster computing and machine learning converge with the vast amount of information found within law firms and their clients.

“Today, legal technology exists in silos based on function (i.e. researching case law, finding responsive documents, drafting pleadings, etc). The epitome of useful, technical, and advanced software is the simplification of analysis and research within the UX while harnessing all the technological marvels behind the scenes. This sweet spot is where AI will excel.

The logical next step is collaboration as the technology evolves and becomes experts within a particular function.

I envision Artificial Intelligence AIs collaborating across data silos, both public and private, constructing various case strategies based on game theory, relevant case law data, and concepts uncovered within the discovery material.” 

Artificial Intelligence

Aaaron Vick