Why Social Marketing Campaigns Are Essential For Startups

Why Social Marketing Campaigns Are Essential For Startups

Why Social Marketing Campaigns Are Essential For Startups
Why Social Marketing Campaigns Are Essential

If you’re not leveraging social marketing campaigns for your startup, you’re making a huge mistake. Here’s why social media campaigns are a must.

Are you on the fence about initiating a social media campaign for your startup?

Social media is a huge part of all of our lives. But it’s not just for sending cute stickers to your friends or organizing cool hangouts.

Businesses in all industries have been using Facebook and Twitter as important marketing channels. Consumers are getting more picky about the brands they choose, but they’re definitely staying social.

As a startup, it’s critical to be leveraging social marketing campaigns to grow your audience and build your brand.

Read on to learn more about why you should hone in on your social media marketing in 2018.

1. Social Media Targets Your Market

Social media literally brings the world to your fingertips. You can target an entire population through social media in a matter of minutes.

You should push for social marketing campaigns because they can give you a market immediately, without you having to hunt for it locally. What’s more, social media lets you choose your market and target it specifically.

As a startup, it’s important for you to establish niche markets so that you can target them and build your brand.

You can target Pomeranian puppy lovers between ages 30 and 40 on Twitter, for example, simply by generating a post.

2. Social Media Leverages SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is dominating the world of digital marketing. As a startup, you’ve probably already explored SEO campaigns so that your content can appear at the top of Google search listings.

Social marketing leverages your SEO campaigns and gives you greater authority in Google’s eyes. You can optimize social media posts for certain keywords so that your rankings soar.

Higher rankings mean greater brand visibility, which is an asset to startups looking to establish a foundation.

3. You Can Get Personal With Social Media

Social media gives you a chance to get personal with customers, a quality that is essential for competitive marketing campaigns.

Customers prefer real humans to bots when they engage with a brand. They also look for rapid response times and customer service that means what it says.

The more personal you can get with your marketing, the better odds you have of reaching new customers.

Many social media accounts enable you to directly message customers and answer their questions. Not only does this personalize the business interaction, but it also lets you respond to customers in real time.

4. Social Media Means Partnerships

When leveraging social marketing campaigns, you’re also branching out into the world of PR. By giving your brand its visibility on social media accounts, you’ll be opening the gateways for key partnerships that could pay off later.

Partnering with other brands will help leverage your footing in the corporate world. This is essential for startups looking to stay afloat and competitive.

5. Boost Your Blog

Blogging is yet another business tool that enables you to generate valuable web content and brand visibility. Optimized blog posts can help with search rankings, and topical posts can attract local users.

Social media gives you another funnel for sharing blog posts, doubling and even quadrupling your blog’s reach. You’ll be able to draw in readers from a variety of communities by sharing your blog posts on Facebook and beyond.

6. Drive Traffic With Ads

Social marketing campaigns aren’t just about posting. Successful social campaigns also incorporate paid ads.

Social media ads are easy to set up and cost-effective for startups. They also work, because they appear in everyone’s news feeds.

What’s more, paid ads on social media give you a voice in a global marketplace. And this marketplace isn’t necessarily high stakes, or swamped with competitors.

You can spike the traffic to your website by incorporating ads into your social media campaign. More traffic to your website means more eyes on your material–and more eyes means more conversions.

7. Engage With Your Community Through Events

Social marketing campaigns enable you to set up local events so that you can get the community attention you’re seeking.

Not only can you invite followers to events in the blink of an eye, but you can also attract business partners and media representatives by posting to the right audience.

You’ll enjoy large attendance at your events, increased community engagement, and maybe even some media attention.

8. Build Your Brand With Social Media

Consumers are interested in brands they can trust and follow. They look for personal advertising, not gimmicky campaigns. They’re choosy–but this is still a good thing.

Social marketing campaigns allow you to build your brand easily and effectively. But it also gives you a means of building your reputation and getting consumer trust.

By targeting niche markets and engaging with consumers on a personal level, you’ll be cultivating this valuable brand trust that can help you soar as a startup.

9. Make Use of Hot Trends

Content marketing is becoming more urgent for all businesses, given the shifting climate of consumer needs and preferences.

One of the biggest trends in content marketing right now is the use of video.

Consumers love engaging with videos, especially live ones. Lucky for you, social media gives you a chance to keep up with this trend and engage with your consumers in the right way.

If you haven’t done so already, check out what Facebook Live is all about. At the very least, link up a YouTube account so you can engage with your customers in real time.

10. Grow Your Customer Base and Sales

At the end of the day, social marketing campaigns are critical for expanding your customer base and pushing sales.

Social media lets you interact with new audiences every day, drive traffic to your site, and see those leads become conversions. This can only lead to higher profit margins.

Why You Need Social Marketing Campaigns

Social media is not dead. In fact, it’s becoming more important than ever for startups to harness the power of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by starting up a social marketing campaign.

Social marketing can establish the brand visibility you crave as a startup, drive web traffic, and help you keep up with content marketing trends. It can lead to fresh partnerships and help you develop your market.

All in all, it can be your pathway to getting the customers you want and establishing your foundation. I’m here to help throughout all stages of your startup’s journey so that you can find success.

Reach out today to learn more about social media’s power in your business plan!