goblintown.wtf is flipping the NFT space 

In late May 2022, there were a handful of tweets circulating around that mentioned a free mint for a goblin. While the NFT space has been on a tailspin along with the rest of the crypto and finance sectors, offering a free mint is a strategy that isn’t odd. In fact, a number of projects launch with free mints hoping to create enough buzz within the community to drive the secondary market.

Well, goblintown.wtf (“Goblins”) did what they were hoping for: they crushed the secondary market.  Goblins had appeared to be a stealth drop for the free mint. (A stealth drop is one that appears out of nowhere and is announced through tweets.) The secondary market staggered for a couple of days but the word of goblins rang loudest of the cacophony of NFT hype.  With zero AMAs, no discord, and no doxxing of the project team the project found a meteoric rise in daily activity. As of this writing, Goblins was on top of OpenSea. FFR, Chris Williams wrote a great update on the trading activity for Goblins here

What just happened!?

The allure of the Goblins’ mystery may have been planned in advance once you take a macro look at what has happened thus far.   Let’s take a look at what was circulating around.

1) During mint, there were tweets circulating around speculating that Goblins were part of the BYAC ecosystem.

2) The conspiracy message dissipated quickly post mint, and we immediately saw the project explode “on the scene” with an introduction to Goblins.

3) goblintown.wtf’s Twitter account began posting new art, memes, and holding Twitter Spaces only in Goblin voices.  Attendance to the stage seemed to be required to hold a Goblin in their wallet. (Sadly minting one that no longer is in the wallet doesn’t count.)

Now, whether through pure osmosis of the culture or collaborative cross-promotion, Ice Man himself even sent out an acknowledgment of Goblins during the Top Gun 2 release. 

What is Web2.5?

Web2.5 can help brands open new engagement channels with their community as well as enhance transmedia efforts.

Yes, I said Web2.5. Come at me. 

We are not at a place where any brand can exist solely in Web3, period. The majority of humans live in a Web2 world with only a handful of us that dabble in Web3. Now, those who see the vision of what’s coming, there are billions who still have to find their way. For now, brands will still utilize Web2 technologies such as Twitter and Discord as the marketing and community utilities for onboarding.

Web2.5 is the space where companies are planning innovation alongside Web3 technologies like blockchains, smart contracts, and NFTs. However, not every aspect of a product or company can exist solely in Web3, and that’s okay.  We still need cloud computing, email, and ways to connect which leads us to the technologies that are well established. 

What is Transmedia?

Transmedia is a marketing and storytelling technique that refers to the integration of multiple modes of distribution, such as television and online platforms within a single narrative experience or series. It is often used in business by massive media conglomerates like Disney, Warner Bros., or 20th Century Fox. Transmedia is also an artistic practice that seeks to engage with audiences across various channels immediately following the initial release of content in order to maintain interest and increase audience engagement over time.

As Web3 technology becomes mainstream, smaller brands are recognizing the utilization of the blockchain and its current culture to build communities and expand their marketing abilities. As the larger brands still outspend startups through traditional media outlets, Web2.5 is empowering all brands by starting everyone at zero.

Any brand can create a transmedia plan given the right resources and a strategic vision. If a brand is looking to implement a transmedia strategy, one should first have a clear vision of its transmedia story and the goals they wish to achieve by releasing content across multiple platforms. Also, every platform should have clear goals as to what they are trying to do with the content but connected in some way to the larger storyline in order for the audience to always feel like they are seeing and participating in one complete experience.

Goblins Should Be Studied; Not Duplicated

The Goblins have been a stellar example of harnessing the power of Web2.5 transmedia to create, establish, and sustain (for now) a brand.  So, how did they do it? I haven’t gotten a direct interview with Goblins yet, but I’m learning their language and hope to meet them at NYC NFT. Nonetheless, these are the things I’ve noticed without knowing the inner workings.

how goblins have used transmedia

  • The Goblins have created recognizable phrases such as “low effort”, “swing the pendulum” and “serious investor”.  These catchphrases were established within live Twitter Spaces and are now also seen as hashtags.
  • Lore has been ideated, planned, and amplified by the Goblin’s team through maintaining Goblin personas by the team across their social media accounts, their tweets, and their voices during Twitter Spaces.  Embracing the characters of Goblins using painful voice mechanics shows this team’s commitment to implementing method acting within their branding strategy. The Goblins have strongly executed storytelling across various mediums.  This cohesive and holistic approach has created entry points into the experience and allows fans to become fully immersed in goblin mode.
  • The storytelling is immersive from the art, the slow release of information, and theater. On May 29, 2022, the translator was released helping “seerrus invstrrs” translate into gobb!
  • Goblins have been successful in rolling mystery from one focal point to another.  As part of the lore, nothing should be planned by Goblins as they are solely in existence for chaos, right? It starts with a random stealth drop but a story unfolds with art and Goblins screaming “NO ROAD! NO MAP!” in sporadic, unrecorded Twitter Spaces.  Now, the allure to the project has shifted from “what is this?” to “what are they going to do?”  

What do the Goblins have in store next? They have been teasing out various roadmap nuggets such as Goblin burgers.  However, we’ll only see under their bridge when the Goblins want us to.  In my opinion, Goblins most likely cannot be replicated due to the timely and unique approach, but their methodology can be admired and studied. 

Though we cannot see the preparation behind the scenes, one has to assume it’s been as grueling as hearing the team break their vocal cords for hours on end.  I know from my 30 years in startups that if someone makes it looks easy, they put in the time to make it happen.  Kobe Byrant allegedly showed up hours early to put in preparation before taking the basketball court.  So, kudos to the Goblins’ team thus far!  As you screech “low effort”, we know how much real effort goes in to keep us entertained.

IMO, goblins may like dirty floors but I bet ETH to McGoblinBurger their whiteboards are clutch!

For the Goblin translation of this article, please click the link below. The translation has been provided for Goblins using the GitHalpBurger translator.