How to Find Good Employees You Actually Want to Hire

How to Find Good Employees You Actually Want to Hire

How to Find Good Employees You Actually Want to Hire

How to Find Good Employees You Actually Want to Hire

It can be a struggle to find a good employee for your company, so here is a guide on how to find good employees you will actually want to hire.

Are you looking to add more people to your team of employees?

Are you tired of having a high turnover rate and ready to find quality people who will stick around with your company?

Hiring and training are two of the most expensive things businesses have to deal with. It’s important to find a good batch of candidates to choose from.

This article will give you 5 tips on how to find good employees.

1) Write a Thorough Job Description

How to find good employees? write a good job description. In order to attract the right candidates to your company, you need to write detailed and well thought out job descriptions.

The broader your description is the more people who underqualified will apply.

Let the public know what kind of applicant you’re looking for with clear guidelines. For example, if you know you only want someone who has five years of experience, explicitly state that as a requirement.

The more details you give about a job the more there is to discuss in a job interview.

It’s important to be as upfront and honest about the qualifications and experiences you’re looking for in order to fill this position. People looking for a job don’t want to waste their time applying to something they’re not qualified for, just as you don’t want to waste your time interviewing under qualified people.

A job description is also a good time to show off the personality of the company.

2) Check Their Social Media Profiles

Be sure to check the social media profiles of your candidates before making any hiring decisions.

These days nearly everyone has one social media account. 79% of Americans are on Facebook. This means you can gain a lot of insight about a potential employee by their online presence.

Look for the types of things they share and post and see if their attitudes would fit in well with your company culture.

A person who posts lots of pictures drinking or partying might not have the professionalism you’re looking for. Similarly, a person who posts a lot of angry Facebook statuses might not have the right temperament to fit in well at the office.

You can glean information from social media accounts that people don’t show in the interview.

LinkedIn is another great source to find out information about a candidate. You want candidates who have taken the time to develop their LinkedIn profile. Someone who has written a thoughtful description and listed their skills is usually a better choice than someone who barely has any information.

LinkedIn also has a list of people who “endorse” you on your profile. You can go to this section of your candidates profile to see what past coworkers and managers have said about them.

You want potential candidates to have a professional profile picture. This shows they are conscious of their appearance and carry themselves in a professional way.

3) Use Job Search Sites

Posting an add on your website won’t reach as many people as using a job search site.

Indeed is the number one site for jobs and is visited by 200 million people every month.

When you post a job on Indeed you expand your audience significantly. Indeed has a user friendly job application where applicants simply attach their resume, write their cover letter, and submit their application.

You have the option to add additional questions to your Indeed application to help you screen applicants.

These questions could include: How many years of industry experience do you have? or Are you commuting distance away from this business?

4) Take Your Time Interviewing

It’s easy to become over eager in the hiring process and want to hire the first great interview you have.

Instead, be sure to take your time interviewing several candidates.

The more people you interview the better chance you have of finding someone who will be the perfect fit.

Don’t make a hasty decision when choosing a candidate. This can lead to hiring someone who isn’t really qualified and who doesn’t fit in with your other employees.

After a formal interview with a potential candidate, take them on a casual walk through of the office. Introduce them to the department they will be working with and other people around the office. You can tell a lot about a candidate by how they treat their future coworkers. You want someone who is warm and friendly and excited to talk to people.

Ask your employees what they thought of the candidate so that there is a range of input into the hiring process. After all, they’re the ones who will be working closely with the new hire.

5) Check Their References

References are there for a reason and it’s important you get in touch with them.

Checking references is one of the best tips on how to find good employees. Call a candidates references and ask them about their experience with the candidate.

Ask them how the candidate performed professionally and if they ever had any issues with them.

A candidates references should be from past managers, not past coworkers. You want to see that your candidate had a good relationship with their superiors and felt comfortable putting them down as references.

A candidate with a broad work history who can’t muster up three references is a red flag. If they don’t want you to talk to their past supervisors or managers they’re likely trying to hide something.

Follow This Guide on How to Find Good Employees

One of the biggest questions businesses ask if how to find good employees. If you follow this guide you will be on your way to finding candidates who fit in well at your company.

Remember to check references, explore social media accounts, and take your time interviewing.

Post on job sites to find a wider range of applicants and tailor your search to only a certain type of person.

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