Effective Goal Setting 101: 10 Tops Tips for Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur, goal setting should be an integral part of your daily routine. Is it?

If not, don’t stress. It’s never too late to learn how to create an effective goal setting process that works for you.

And guess what? All the tips and tricks you need to set yourself up for success are right here in this article.

Keep reading to learn about effective goal setting and how to stay on track for optimal accomplishment. Let’s get started!

1. Choose Achievable Goals
As an entrepreneur, dreaming big comes naturally to you. However, when it comes to creating an effective goal setting process, no objective is too small.

After all, you don’t want to burn out while trying to achieve the impossible. Lock in attainable targets to boost your morale and keep things moving.

Another way to make your goals more achievable is by choosing ones that excite you. Boring goals get abandoned. But, if you’re stimulated by your goals, it will keep you on track for success.

2. Get Specific
What’s the definition of goal setting? Identifying what you need to accomplish and locking in quantitative objectives and timeframes. Or, more simply put, figuring out realistic ways to get what you want quickly.

The best way to complete the first part (identifying what you need to accomplish) is by getting specific. Generalized goals like “I need to make more money” are unhelpful.

Instead, identify specific needs like: “I need a step-by-step plan to get my startup off the ground” or “I need a better social media presence.” Turn these needs into goals like: “I will create a step-by-step plan to get my startup off the ground by Friday” or “I will set up five new social media accounts today.”

These are goal setting examples that will get you somewhere. Choose goals that lend themselves to obvious next steps.

3. Check-In Weekly
Every week, check in with yourself about your progress. How much closer are you to meeting your goals? Are you doing everything you can to make your dreams a reality?

Be honest and realistic. These check-ins will help you track your growth and pinpoint where there is room for improvement. This will create even more momentum and help you to use your time wisely.

4. Get up Early
You know what they say, the early bird gets the worm! Now, imagine that the worm is entrepreneurial success.

Did you know that if you were to wake up one hour earlier every day you would get an additional 15 days every year? This is why so many accomplished individuals are early risers. More time awake means more time in which you can be getting ahead of the competition.

Make waking up early a part of your goal setting plan. Although getting eight hours of sleep every night is important, preventing yourself from sleeping in is just as important.

If you’re having trouble, try placing your cell phone or alarm clock away from your bed so you have to get up to turn it off. And, once it’s off, get out of the bedroom! No snoozing allowed.

5. Progress Is Just as Important as Results
The goal setting process and the journey you take to achieve these goals are just as important as the result you desire. After all, it’s the process that gets you where you want to be, not the result itself.

If you keep your mind glued to what you haven’t yet achieved, you won’t be fully present in the journey. So, remind yourself to love and appreciate the process of reaching your goals. Honoring the adventuring will help you to stay positive and motivated.

6. Use the Five-A-Day Rule for Effective Goal Setting
This five-a-day rule isn’t about eating your fruits and veggies. It’s about ensuring that you’re taking steps every single day to achieve your goals.

All you have to do is make five moves each day that get you closer to reaching a specific goal. They don’t have to be big steps- making a quick call or sending an email is fine. But, if you use this rule and stay strict with it, you’ll find that your goal progression will speed up exponentially.

7. Don’t Forget about Self-Care
If you’re stressed out, overworked, and malnourished, you’ll never reach your goals. Or, if you do, you’ll be totally wrecked by the time you finish.

In order to preserve your health and sanity, be sure to focus on self-care throughout the process of realizing your dreams. Your body will thank you!

8. Go Public
There are many types of goal setting techniques that can help you to stay accountable. One of these techniques is going public with your goals.

By posting on social media or openly telling friends about your objectives, you are creating a public expectation of completion. This pressure will help you keep yourself accountable and get things done on time.

9. Visualize Success
Did you know that Olympic athletes use imagery as a form of mental training? That’s because visualization is a great way to get yourself on the right track for success.

So, if you want to accomplish your goals with razor sharp focus, visualize it happening first. See yourself taking each and every step necessary until the task is complete. Then, get out there and make it happen!

10. Keep Score
What’s the first thing you do when you tune into a sports match? You check the score.

Why? Because that’s how you know which team is winning, and how much time there is remaining. And when it comes to goal setting, you should be doing the same thing.

If it helps, make a physical chart. Outline each goal you need to reach, and the steps you’ll take to get there.

Track your progress and reward yourself at every success. Keeping tabs visually will ensure that you aren’t taking any shortcuts.

Never Give Up!
If you don’t give up on your goals, you will achieve them. But if you use the tips and tricks for effective goal setting above, you will achieve them even faster!

Just remember to keep yourself accountable, to visualize success, and to choose specific, achievable goals. And don’t forget to take good care of yourself during your entrepreneurial journey. The healthier you are, the better the quality of your work will be.

Do you have any questions, or could you use some help? Let’s connect!