8 Habits and Lifestyle of an Entrepreneur Personality

8 Habits of the Entrepreneur Personality

Creating a business takes a special kind of person. Learn what habits nurture an entrepreneur’s personality that enables success.

2014’s census data released in 2016 revealed that there’s a long-term slump in entrepreneurship. The Great Recession (2000-2010) is partly to blame for this decline. But, we’re past that at the moment.

There are startups that were born in the height of the financial crisis and are already doing well, including Delphix, Smashburger, uTest, BlueKai, and Smule. What made the founders of these startups successful?

One thing you must understand is that entrepreneurs are not made from the same blueprint. They come from different backgrounds and possess distinct characteristics and habits.

In this post, I’m going to cover the habits and lifestyle of an entrepreneur personality. This will help to understand what makes entrepreneurs different. (If you’re new to the startup world, be sure to signup to get access to the business startup checklist!!)

Ready? Let’s get right into it.

1. Eager to Learn

Consistent learning is the best tool for those people who want to remain resilient in competitive markets. Invest in constant learning by taking courses, such as coding, networking, product design, and marketing.

Staying sharp through continuous learning is the only way to gain an edge in those industries that are evolving. Keep in mind that you’ll have competitors breathing down your neck.

Learning new strategies and ideas allows you to stay relevant and gives you the tools you need to grow your new startup. Typically, you need to improve your skills in teamwork, communication, risk-bearing, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

2. Make Exercising a Routine

If you want to stay in the game, creating a routine exercise plan is important in developing a fitness habit. Bear in mind you’ll need to wake up before others to engage in exercises and plan your day ahead.

A morning workout gives you the energy you need to stay productive and energized throughout the day. Through exercise, you get a boost in lymph circulation and blood flow that keeps your body healthy and clears your mind.

Whatever plan you create, be sure to support it with a diet plan that best suits you.

3. Always Have Goals

Successful entrepreneurs understand that goal setting is a code of living and can be turned into an entrepreneurial habit. Learning to set reasonable goals allows you to measure progress and set benchmarks for comparison.

Setting goals is easier said than done. So, try sharing your goals with your partner, family member, colleague, or friend. The act of sharing means you are indebted to your goals.

This makes you accountable and makes it less likely for you to give up on them. Entrepreneurs are usually remarkable in setting goals and committing to them.

4. Passionate

In contrast to the general perception, money has not always been the drive for successful entrepreneurs.

Having passion and enthusiasm in what you do is what fuels your determination to be successful. It’s through passion that many entrepreneurs set out to disrupt their target markets by offering something that consumers want.

If you want to be in this league, enjoying what you do should be part of your entrepreneur personality. Making a profit is not always the aim in most cases.

5. Spend Money to Make Money

There are different effective ways to put money out, such as attending shows, hiring a PR firm, creating a powerful online presence, and investing in high-quality packaging can help to bring money in.

You should be able to devote what you have to make your business successful. Instead of using your money to get those flashy things, you can invest it somewhere or buy money-making assets.

Stop thinking about your monthly income as a way of paying rent, bills, having fun, or buying food. Try to eliminate these ideas from your mindset and focus on how to grow.

6. Keep Track of What Matters

An essential part of business growth is keeping track of the key metrics that help you to gauge your performance. Successful entrepreneurs understand that some metrics are valuable than others.

For example, if you’re an online entrepreneur, there are analytical tools that can help you monitor important stats, such as website views, clicks, social media shares, conversion rates, and subscriptions.

You can identify those metrics that are relevant to your business and set up a system that allows you to track them. Tracking them will help you to make predictions, understand growth trends, and make sound decisions.

7. Take Frequent Breaks

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t imply you have to be hard on yourself just to attain your goals. Entrepreneurs understand the benefits of self-care and breaks when it comes to working. This is important if you want to stay productive and focused.

Taking days off when sick or planning for some vacation time helps to avoid burnout. Find time to escape or enjoy some family time, especially those days when you have a crazy schedule. Don’t just work non-stop while living on nicotine, caffeine, and fast-food.  Keep in mind, having a great co-founder can help keep focus on business objectives while you’re recuperating.

However, don’t the let the breaks carry you away. Sometimes breaks can be fun, and you’re likely to go off on a tangent.

8. Stay Organized and Follow a Plan

Staying organized is another habit an entrepreneur personality develops. Proper organization helps to save time, manage finances well, and enhance customer service. When you have plenty of things crowded in your space, your mind can’t focus well. This can result in chaos and stress.

Your plan doesn’t need to outline every essential step, but it should give you a sense of direction for attaining your objectives. Successful entrepreneurs have a plan for each stage of their project or goal.

Making this habitual is what leads to success.

Entrepreneur Personality – The Bottom Line

Being persistent in whatever you do is important no matter how many times you fail. That’s a unique attribute that sets entrepreneurs apart from the rest. Had they given up due to the many hurdles they faced, they wouldn’t have been known their success.

So, if you want to make it to the top, these are some of the traits and habits of an entrepreneur personality. Don’t be afraid to network and find what other people know about your field or area of expertise.  If you want to chat more, contact me.