What Are The Harsh Realities Of Startup Life?


No doubt, the starting up of a new life venture has its perks. The things seem great initially but the responsibilities and accountability of your increase. When everything of yours turned to the south and everything is on you to handle, many people use different strategies to enter the market or to go worldwide. Like many start learning languages through online tuitions to deal globally. Whereas, many used to follow certain advertising strategies to get renowned worldwide. Everyone has different startups, similarly, the strategies may vary likewise.

Here are few of the harsh realities of Startup life most of the people face which are as follows:

Less amount of Cash fails startups

The unprofitability never fails businesses but the short of cash does. Many startups fail because of the lack of amount of money in them. Cash is a king for every business. So, one should plan how to manage the situations for the slow times and unforeseen costs. Nothing can be more stressful than a point when you have to pay the bills and staff and the amount of money you have is quite less to pay the necessities. It’s an unbearable pain that sucks the whole energy of yours from growing. A good amount of money keeping as the reserve is similarly important as to initiate the business for the smooth running. Otherwise, many unwanted situations might create unavoidable situations for startups.

Things move slowly initially

Initially, it seems that everything will rush so fast. But they really not. Many of the major tasks happen only a few times a year. So growth becomes gradual. No doubt, big sales never take place every day. At the start, you need to work hard to sustain and build your existence by managing the survival and maintaining time likewise. Many things are going on in a start-up, with a very limited number of people to handle them. So, things become slow on their own too. But most of the mission-critical things evolve gradually. Even running out of cash also takes time after the initiation. Therefore, backups to manage the activities are always necessary for smooth functioning.

Continuous work with no vacations

If you still think that you can have vacations like before when you were working for someone else, you are wrong. In start-up life there are no days off. You need to work for the whole day to make your work stand and survive in the market. You need to struggle, struggle, and just struggle for continuous of many hours for your existence and growth. Forget about vacations for a long time, and focus on ways for growth and betterment. The continuous efforts for a long time can bring you to the points when you can have good vacations on your desired days.

No hands of friendship and help around


Most of the people usually assume that their friend or close personal contacts will be lined up to help them with their startups. That’s is rarely the case occurs. Most of the people used to hear from you about your new startups and will congratulate you as well. But they will be more than jealous of you and would say they maybe they wish they could do that too. They will say to you “Please let me know for any kind of help” but just to present the nice gesture rather than to help you actually to make you prosper.

Whereas, this is also the reality that most of the peoples are not in a position to help you in growing your business. Even they don’t have any say in any activities like buying decisions or any others. It doesn’t mean they are bad people or are not willing to help. But in actuality they are not in a condition to help you where you were hoping from them that they could. 


Every startup business needs to have key strengths for its plan, as well as, summarize vision and mission which could be executed in the business in its every activity. Every startup has to bear harsh times to survive in the market. But the motivation and courage to exist is an important element for business survival.

Keep your morals high and stay encouraged enough to bear with the situation happening around. Every business gives hard times initially as well as at several stages of growth, but the courage and motivation can a tremendous role to make you survive and to fight with the unfavorable situations.

Step into the new world, enjoy business growth by keeping your motivations high!

Guest Post Author: Annika Wells is a content writer by passion and profession. She started her journey with Techvando, a digital marketing company that helps clients grow their business online. She primarily writes for guest post articles falling under various niches. The main area of her interest and expertise in healthcare. She enjoys reading and writing about healthcare, mindfulness, and well-being to educate people about being happier and lively. Her work has been published on many high authority websites. She believes that writing is of effective ways to communicate at better levels.