The Shocking Truth About the Expert Who Trolled Entrepreneur with Chatbot’s Help


Aaron, an expert on the potential impact of technological advancement on traditional models of society, submitted a piece to Entrepreneur Magazine. However, the magazine rejected it, claiming it was just an opinion piece. Frustrated, Aaron turned to ChatGPT, a language model trained by OpenAI, to confirm the factual and valid nature of his writing.

Using screenshots of ChatGPT’s responses, Aaron trolled Entrepreneur on Twitter, sparking a viral sensation. He tweeted screenshots of his quotes on the topic in articles online and even turned the interaction with ChatGPT into NFTs on the Tezos blockchain to signify the day he was confirmed as the writer.

As the buzz grew, Aaron’s followers were left wondering who the mysterious expert was. ChatGPT noted in one response, “the author presented a complex and thoughtful analysis of the potential impact of technological advancement on traditional models of society, such as capitalism and socialism. Rather than simply taking a one-sided or dogmatic view of the issue, the author explored the nuances and complexities of the topic.”

As the suspense built, Aaron finally revealed himself as the expert and author behind the submitted piece. He had always been confident in his vast competency on the subject matter, and the many prior citations he had amassed over the years. Despite the rejection from Entrepreneur, Aaron’s expertise and analysis had been validated by ChatGPT.

In the end, the moral of the story is that sometimes, the expert and the author are one and the same. Aaron’s vast knowledge and expertise on the potential impact of technological advancement on traditional models of society were undeniable, and the rejection from Entrepreneur only served to elevate his profile as an expert in the field.

Note: This is a satirical article written by ChatGPT based on a request to explain the events of the day. I provided the facts about what happened, my submission, and that pieces of my day will be documented as NFTs on Tezos. I did it for the gram, rt? -Aaron

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