Personality Plus: 10 Essential Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is more desirable than ever. It’s an exciting yet cutthroat world. You get to work hard — for your vision, your creative product, your unique service. 

Do you have what it takes to make it? Can you identify the key characteristics of a successful entrepreneur? Can you embody them?

If you’ve got an innovative product or service, it’s time to gift it to the world. Here’s what it takes to shine in this competitive industry!

What Are the Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur? 

Do you have an idea that you’re passionate about? Do you have a sense of drive and motivation that’s unfettered by failure or fear? Do you subscribe to emails about startup checklists and entrepreneurial best practices?

Well, it sounds like you’re a great candidate for success in this business. These following traits will help seal the deal.

1. Dedication

Your vision won’t flourish overnight (unless you’re really lucky!)

It’s going to take a lot of effort — late nights, early mornings, coffee rings all over your desk. You must have dedication to your craft.

Your customers want to buy something that is well-thought-out. Something that has obvious love and dedication running through its veins. Anything less than that and they’ll know it.

Which brings us to the next trait.

2. Drive/Motivation 

You must be self-motivated. This isn’t hitting the snooze 5 times before dragging your groggy self into work. This is waking up of your own free will, ready to tackle the day and all that it offers.

If you don’t have drive or motivation, you won’t make it in this industry. No one will be there to give you that reason to get up. You’ll get forgotten about.

3. Creativity/Vision

This one’s a given, right? To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have a clear vision. You need to have that creative mind, the one that thinks outside the box.

You’re trying to offer your audience something they can’t get anywhere else. The way to do that is by creating something unique. Use your creativity as much as possible to develop that perfect product.

4. Passion

You’re choosing this lifestyle because you’re a passionate person. You have something that you want to share. It’s your passion project.

A passion project is something big or small that you want to contribute to the world. It gives you satisfaction, happiness, and a much-needed escape.

That passion is great for your health, too. It involves deep focus, lowered stress levels, a platform to build your skill set. Who would’ve thought that being an entrepreneur could be so healthy?

5. Flexibility/Adaptability 

Make that structured outline, that perfect timeline, that clear and concise vision. Imagine it like a perfect, shiny glass ball. Now smash that glass ball against the wall and see the new arrangement brought about by the tiny shards.

You need to be flexible as an entrepreneur. Adapt or die, right? 

There’s no guarantee that things will go as planned. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed that it won’t. Be ready to adapt to new changes, ventures, feedback, failures.

Which brings us to optimism! 

6. Optimism 

Just because things aren’t going exactly as planned doesn’t mean they won’t work out. Good things take time, and the best thing you can do during that time? Be positive, keep your head up, and keep on keepin’ on.

If you’re easily deterred by failure or criticism, this isn’t the place for you. Use criticism as a resource to change for the better.

Which leads us to. . .

7. Resourcefulness 

Resourcefulness is more than an admirable trait. It’s a mindset.

Being an entrepreneur means setting goals for yourself that are difficult to achieve. Because of this, you need to have that resourceful mentality. That open-mindedness, persistence, and hope. 

You must be willing to improve yourself — always. Take advice, don’t shun it. Use your failures; don’t let them define you!

8. Tenacity 

Tenacity is, arguably, more important than even brilliance when it comes to success. Ask a fellow entrepreneur!

Tenacity, or persistence, means many things.

It means eliminating distractions like social media, texts, pointless emails, mindless scrolling. It means feeling determined and passionate. It may even mean putting yourself in the position to fail — because let’s admit, that lights a fire under the butt!

9. Confidence 

Have you ever bought something that somebody wasn’t confident about? Like, “this might work, but I’m not sure. Wanna buy it?”

That’s not how it happens.

You need to have the confidence to tell people why they should invest in your product, your service, you. Use your confidence to make people confident in you. To succeed as an entrepreneur, you must be self-assured.

10. Discipline 

And last but not least — discipline.

As you can see, all these traits run together. They all piggy-back off of each other. And discipline is no different.

You have the discipline to get up on time, to make meetings, to network with new people. You need discipline to get up when you fall or fail. You need discipline to put in long hours and do your preparation.

Do You Have These Traits?

You don’t have to have them all — at the end of the day, you have to be you. That’s what people crave. They don’t want another cookie cutter persona!

Some great characteristics of a successful entrepreneur didn’t even make this list! A sense of adventure, willingness to take risks, thinking outside the box. . . 

The list goes on and on. What does your heart tell you? What do your habits show you?

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