Mastering Customer Service with Social Media Services - Maximize Customer Support with Social Media - Maximize Customer Support with Social Media

Many modernized businesses today are falling far behind in customer service standards by failing to make adequate use of available social media sites and apps.

Too many employers are standing by old techniques and strategies that are no longer effective in improving customer service skills and response times. With advancing technology popularity, customers are demanding more methods of contacting and interacting with a business, and the simple phone contact just doesn’t cut it anymore.

These older techniques and strategies have now been lost and forgotten in the increasingly popular demand for internet convenience and social media trending, now a preferred method utilized by the younger generation. Internet social media is now dominating the advertising and content for the average corporate business, and if a business fails to apply these methods to marketing, they risk losing immense ground for customer popularity and satisfaction compared to other competitors.

Clients number one preferred method of customer complaints and feedback is through the use of social media services. It only makes sense that a corporate business then takes advantage of these statistics to promote business growth. Using social media as a prompt method of replying to customer concerns greatly increases customer loyalty, trust and improves reputation as being a reliable business. It promotes popularity and customer growth as well as business opportunity to advance in several aspects of marketing.

So, how is a corporate business able to take advantage of social media services to promote customer satisfaction and positive reviews?


It’s imperative that corporate companies quickly and efficiently work through and respond to each customer complaint to resolve any issues. Your customer is your number one priority, and the goal is to ensure that you address the concern to the best of your ability in order to satisfy the client.

Proper customer support reduces any risk of negative and damaging feedback about your company on social media which can minimize business sales if not appropriately handled. The best method to deal with each complaint is in a personalized manner and show the customer respect.


Update your media post regularly with special promotions, current business news or events, and reach out to your clients to stay connected with them. Focus on originality and authentic content, and make it upbeat, positive, witty and comic to keep your clients interested in the brand. Using personal touches will set you aside from other corporate competitors for more of a caring, compassionate and unique presentation. Advertise specials or discounts and keep a customer mailing list, so they are up to date with current promotions. Run special events, or shows, invite your customers and offer free gifts for better promotion of your brand.


Applying social media as an education tool for your clients can increase sales and satisfaction rate, as well as save time. Consider a Frequently Asked Questions page or online chat option to answer and address any issues that arise. Allow for an interactive chat rooms and feedback page where customers can upload feedback and discuss product reviews and ratings amongst themselves. Open feedback is an excellent way of learning about what works best and receive feedback on what needs to be improved or changed in specific products.


Customers need to feel cared for, listened to, and valued. When they have feedback, learn to listen, value, and implement the suggestions and reviews from the client to make your business run as efficiently as possible. A client’s feedback is invaluable for business growth and improvement, where you can take advantage of the recommendations and implement processes to improve your product or service. It’s essential to fix the issue to the client’s expectations to ensure they stay a loyal customer.

Many customers in today’s’ generation expect more than just a phone call service when interacting with businesses. The most effective enhancement of your business is to apply internet and social media as a marketing strategy tool. There is a multitude of opportunities available by taking advantage of this method.

A majority of businesses operate solely on word of mouth or only apply a telephone contact to deliver their service. While this can be effective for some, the business owners are undoubtedly missing out on a lot of marketing promotions and minimal sales opportunities. If a customer uses the internet primarily for searching for goods and services, that should be the first tool a business selects to initiate marketing techniques.

Advertising through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are all beneficial and highly profitable tools to increase your sales earnings.  Business owners succeed best when utilizing all of the tools available to them – this means needing to keep updated with technology services and marketing tools to be able to run a highly successful business with a high rate of customer satisfaction and return business. Its beneficial for business owners to get acquainted with up to date internet skills and courses, familiarize themselves with social media groups and learn how to best use this method for business gains.

Most importantly, view the business as a customer would. Is the service reliable? Are you easy to get in contact with, and quick to respond? Are you willing to solve concerns if there’s a problem with the product? View the business as a customer would and respond to complaints the same way you would want a response. It can only improve your service in the long term.

Applying social media tools to your website and business operations can be a genuinely rewarding by improving sales and profit earnings, return and ongoing business, and better feedback to provide a better service. There’s unlimited potential for your business growth and opportunity, and it is important to effectively implement this strategy to promote your business to your advantage.

Today’s guest post for the startup page was written by:
Charlotte McCleary is a message-centric brand strategist who works with the marketing teams of start-ups and young companies to streamline their market positioning and message. When not crafting blueprints for marketers she is a keynote speaker and personal branding coach. Twitter