How to Start Working Remotely

Did you know that there are at least 4.3 million people in the US who currently work from home? This number has increased by approximately 140% since 2005 and it’s expected to grow even more, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But is working remotely attractive to employees? And what should you do to create a start-up business and begin working from home? This article offers you a step-by-step guide and multiple tips for working remotely, so keep reading to find out more!

Start With the Basics

You cannot think of starting a business by working remotely without covering the basics. In other words, make sure that you have a decent laptop or desktop computer, a decent internet connection, and a sturdy desk at home.

Depending on the type of work you want to do (such as web design, programming, etc), you might need to upgrade your current computer and internet connection to suit your needs. Don’t forget about a comfortable chair as well.

Know Your Skills and Preferences

There are multiple types of jobs that can be done remotely. You can write blog posts for a living, design websites, write code, create logos, do data entry, accounting, produce music, etc. Make sure that you know your skills right from the start.

If you know a foreign language, that’s even better. For example, if you currently work as a website developer, chances are that this is what you’ll be successful at doing remotely as well. 

On top of that, make sure that you also take into account your preferences. Maybe you’re a programmer at your current job, but you have always wanted to make music. In this case, maybe it’s a good idea to follow your dreams and create a startup business on making stock musical compositions for clients.

Work on Your Business for a Few Hours Every Week

When it comes to how to start a business remotely, it’s important not to quit your day job yet. You need to support yourself financially until your remote business takes off.

Therefore, make sure that you dedicate a few hours to your side hustle every week and grow from there. If you’re currently unemployed then you can go full blast on your remote business and try to get it up and running as soon as possible.

Look for Websites That Offer Remote Work

You might be happy to find out that there are hundreds of websites online that offer work opportunities for people from all over the world. Some of these websites encompass multiple job types while others are focused on design, programming, SEO, article writing, music production, etc. take your time to review these websites and create profiles with your resume and a high-quality picture.

If your budget is not too tight, it would be a good idea to create your own website with a startup page and more details about your skills, education, experience, and qualification. This will help you stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of employers when applying for jobs. Creating your own website doesn’t take a lot of time and it can be done in just a few hours using online tools and applications.

Once you have your website and have selected a few places that offer remote work online, you can start sending resumes. Make sure that you read job descriptions carefully and agree to the payment terms. Apply to as many jobs as possible every day and soon you’ll be contacted by a plethora of employers looking to hire you.

Set up a Payment Method

After you complete a job, you’ll be paid by your employer. This is usually done using a payment processor such as Paypal. Make sure that you create an account with your favorite payment processor and link a valid credit card or bank account.

This will help you transfer the money you get from your employer to your credit card. This information is confidential and needs to be accurate, otherwise, you might not receive your money, so don’t rush this step.

Check With Your Accountant on How to Declare Your Income and Pay Taxes

Being a freelancer and working remotely doesn’t exempt you from paying taxes, regardless of your location. It’s your duty to be aware of the laws in your country and declare any income coming from freelance remote work properly. In most cases, it’s a good idea to consult an accountant or lawyer and see how you can declare your income and pay taxes on it. 

This is a very important part of your freelancing career and shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are remote workers out there who make tens of thousands of dollars every month from doing different types of remote jobs.

All of them have their own accountant and pay taxes on a yearly basis to comply with IRS regulations in their respective territories. You should do the same. 

Improve Your Skills on the Go

Just because you know something now doesn’t mean that you cannot sharpen your skills and add more to your knowledge. In fact, many remote positions require continuous learning and study.

If you want to maintain your remote job or ask for a higher payout, you should be prepared to improve your skills and learn new things. This is a valid statement whether you’re an SEO specialist, website designer, and developer, digital marketer, etc.

Now You Know How to Start Working Remotely

Maybe working remotely might look a bit intimidating for you at first, but you’ll eventually get used to it. There are numerous perks associated with being a remote worker such as setting your own schedule, the ability to work from home, and so on. With a little bit of dedication and care, you can make this work for you for years to come!

If you’re still confused about how to start up your own remote business or you want professional assistance to begin on the right foot, make sure that you contact me today! I specialize in launching successful startups and I’ve helped numerous clients all over the world reach their freelancing and business goals.