Brushstrokes on the Blockchain: Aaron Vick Leads World’s Largest Communal NFT Creation at BREATHE! Convention

A canvas like no other awaits this September at the BREATHE! Convention in Las Vegas. In an audacious fusion of tech and art, Aaron Vick (ME!) will spearhead an ambitious project: the creation of the World’s Largest Communal NFT in an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record.

In a departure from traditional tech conventions, attendees won’t just be passive observers but will actively participate in creating a monumental 18×30 ft. art piece. This project goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a symbolic testament to the spirit of Web3 and the collective power of its community.

Excitement is at a fever pitch. As I’ve often expressed, “The anticipation to witness the contributions of each attendee to this groundbreaking project is incredible. I wouldn’t miss this for anything!” This event encapsulates the ethos of the Web3 community – collaborative, innovative, and boundary-pushing.

Once our collaborative masterpiece is complete, renowned photographer Lauren McDonagh-Pereira will capture high-resolution images, setting the stage for the next step – the creation of a unique, historic NFT on the Tezos Blockchain. This digital artifact will be airdropped to all contributors, immortalizing their participation in this monumental event.

Shawn Willis, CEO and Founder of BREATHE! Convention, shares my excitement, stating, “This unique venture stands as a testament to the power of Web3 ethos, harnessing the strength of the community.” Indeed, our endeavor reflects the innovative spirit of the convention, reimagining how we can build and engage the tech community.

Beyond our Guinness World Record attempt, attendees can expect a wealth of insights into industries such as Web3, AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, AR/VR, and NFT technology.

So, come, join us in this groundbreaking fusion of art and technology, and be a part of something truly historic. Secure your ticket here: BREATHE! 2023 Tickets and let’s make our mark on the blockchain together!

About BREATHE! Convention

BREATHE! Convention, running from September 13-15, 2023 at The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas, is renowned for fostering mass adoption and educational opportunities in industries that include Web3, AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, AR/VR, NFT technology, and more. The convention is backed by a strong community of investors, founders, developers, and educators who are committed to empower attendees to learn, apply, and thrive in the rapidly changing tech landscape.