5 Tips to Boost Startup Sales

5 Tips to Boost Startup Sales


5 Tips to Boost Startup Sales

Getting your sales going in the early stages without a sales team is a challenge. Here are some essential tips that will help kick off your startup sales.

Are you looking for a way to get the startup sales you deserve?

It can be tough making headway in profits when you’re just launching your startup. This is especially the case if you’re catering to a picky market or starting out with limited resources.

Luckily, you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to kickstarting your sales, even if you don’t have a sales team.

Read on for your insight into boosting your sales as a startup today!

1. Fatten Your Marketing

Marketing is essential to any well-engineered sales plan, as all start-up owners know. So what happens when you’re doing all the marketing you can, and you’re still not seeing any significant startup sales?

Marketing isn’t just about getting the word out. This is definitely a large part of it, but advertising is more clever, complex, and subtle than this.

Consumers are more willing than ever to devote themselves to particular brands, especially when these brands tout values that resonate with them. They also want to follow brands that are reliable and well-known.

So how do you become reliable and well-known as a startup?

It’s easier than you think.

The key is to fatten up your marketing. We’re not talking just throwing more content out there. We mean putting out content through a variety of channels–as many channels as possible.

As a startup, you’ve probably already got a solid website.

You’ve set up a business profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And maybe you’re starting to craft some clever Instagram posts to create a small following.

This is all fantastic. But do keep in mind that your website and social media are only two channels.

Gather more.

Besides social media, start up a blog and post to this frequently. Consult local radio stations to see if you can run an ad or snag an interview. Submit articles to newspapers, prominent magazines, and e-publications.

You may even want to set up a YouTube channel or explore how to earn a spot on your local T.V. station.

When consumers see your name everywhere, you’ll be getting the brand visibility you need to drive startup sales. But they’ll also view your brand as credible and authoritative.

Customers will be more likely to listen when they see and hear multiple sources talking about how awesome you are.

2. Know Your Customers and Their Needs

Along those same lines, customers like establishing personal relationships with brands. They follow brands that are honest, unexpected, and original. Most importantly, they like brands that value customer voices.

It’s essential to show your customers that you’re ready to hear their voices — and do something about this. You may be surprised what this can do to your sales growth over time.

For example, make sure that customers have a space to share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas. This may be through Facebook messaging on your business profile.

It could be a forum you establish that’s exclusive to newsletter subscribers. Perhaps you send out surveys that give responders perks.

The more you can emphasize that you want to hear from customers and do something about it, the more likely you are to develop interest in your startup and a following that will last.

This will also help you get to the heart of the secret to boosting startup sales: you’ll know your customers, their needs, and their wants. You’ll be able to hone your product or service further to address these.

And you’ll be able to use this language in your marketing.

3. Put Out the Right Content

Content marketing is the hottest form of advertising right now because of the unique demand customers have for authentic and intriguing brands. To boost sales, make sure you’re putting out the right content for your customers.

This may mean changing up your content marketing game to include more interactive ads. Perhaps you run a social media campaign that gives new newsletter subscribers access to a webinar you’ve recently released.

Maybe you work with Facebook Live to give consumers an insider’s look into your startup and products. Or, you can write blog posts that respond directly to customer needs.

Whatever the case, putting out honest, engaging, and interactive content for your customers can attract more interest and lead to the startup sales you want.

4. Build Brand Relationships

Effective PR efforts can directly lead to sales, especially if you partner with the right brands.

Leveraging relationships with other prominent companies can go a long way in establishing your authority as a startup and expanding your customer base.

Make sure you’re signed up for any PR events in your area. Follow companies with a similar vibe to yours through social media, and reach out to heads of non-profits to explore brand relationships.

If you write an article for The Wall Street Journal or Huffington Post, play this up on your website or in your advertising. Solid partnerships can give you the boost you need to take your market by storm.

5. Craft a Sell Plan

Startup sales don’t just appear out of mid-air. They are the result of thought, process, and strategy. If you don’t have a sell plan, create one now.

A sell plan pretty much details the steps you’ll take to generate the sales you want. This may mean scheduling product release dates or launch parties. It may mean detailing manufacturing of your products and key marketing efforts.

Whatever your sell plan looks like, it should be detailed and every effort should be measurable. Getting data from all steps is your key to honing sell plans in the future and getting the results you want.

In your sell plan, don’t be afraid to start selling products before they’re actually ready. This can jumpstart sales from the moment your doors open.

Tips to Boost Startup Sales

As a startup, you may feel like you’ll never get ahead financially. But with some foresight and key techniques, you’ll be generating the sales you want in no time.

Make sure you know your customers and their needs and respond to these with holistic advertising. Reach your market through engaging and relevant content marketing, and don’t be shy about building partnerships with other brands in your industry.

Lastly, all startup sales come from effective sell plans.

I can help you with sell plans and more.  I provide professional consulting services for startups at any stage of their current trajectory. Let’s connect today!