10 Entrepreneur Resources for Startup Founders

Startup culture is thriving now. But all new entrepreneurs know the statistics. 20% of businesses don’t survive their first year? Are you scared this will be your establishment?

Don’t worry, there are many ways to get on the path to business success.

One of these methods is to utilize resources offered to today’s entrepreneurs.

Some of these resources include the typical ones, such as listening to speeches and lectures from successful entrepreneurs or reading one of the myriad business owner books.

But because of the online world, there’s a myriad of communities and other resources to guide you on your business ownership journey.

Here are 10 entrepreneur resources to know.

These Entrepreneur Resources Will Help You Become a More Powerful Leader

Do you want your business to thrive? You also have to thrive as a leader. Use these resources to help you gain the entrepreneurship skills you need.

1. Startup Grind

Startup Grind is a community dedicated to bringing together entrepreneurs.

Today, this community hosts 400,000 entrepreneurs. And that’s not all. They attract entrepreneurs globally — from 85 countries and 200 cities around the world.

Through this community, you can receive many perks such as media opportunities and can even sign up for entrepreneur events.

Are your connections only online connections? If there are local business owners in your group, there’s a chance to meet them face-to-face by hosting local events.

This is recommended because you’ll build more powerful connections and can easily rely on your fellow local entrepreneurs for any kind of assistance you need.

2. Global Accelerator Network

Global Accelerator Network, or GAN, is a community of accelerators, investors and partners who can assist entrepreneurs of all experience levels.

The community has 70 accelerators and spreads them out across six continents and 100 cities.

How do these accelerators help you? They offer mentorship programs that teach entrepreneurs how to be a strategic leader while still using your unique skill set to run your business the way you want.

3. Coursera

Today, it’s easier to take university-level courses at a fraction of the price.

Coursera is one of the best ways to take high-level business courses without going into student loan debt.

What Coursera does is scan the world’s universities for their online business courses. Instead of shelling out hundreds, you only pay between $25 and $99 for a course.

This is a recommended way to not only learn business skills but also learn about different advancements and other topics in your business’ niche.

4. Young Entrepreneur’s Council

You’re never too young to start a business.

More millennials are starting their business young and the average entrepreneurship age is 27. But when you’re in a community of other business owners, it’s easy to feel like (and get treated like) a kid.

Not anymore. Young Entrepreneur’s Council is a resource for entrepreneurs of all ages, but they focus on the innovation and advancement of the millennial generation.

This resource is application-only and offers both free and paid resources.

5. Udemy

Similar to Coursera, Udemy will connect you to many online courses.

You expand your skillset while saving money. Udemy currently hosts 42,000 courses and attracts a network of 14 million students. In addition, you can also receive a certification in any area of study.

These online courses aren’t only beneficial to you. They can help your staff learn a new skill and they provide great training material for new staff members.

6. Strategyzer

Strategyzer is a resource that offers many benefits to entrepreneurs. This includes ebooks, training courses, and in-house workshops.

Their most popular resource is the Business Model Canvas. This tool helps you create a business model.

If you feel lost or stuck, this tool helps you improve your strategic management processes. It also helps educate you about business direction if you’re unsure how to take your business to the next level.

Another popular tool is the Value Proposition Canvas.

7. EdX

If you like the idea of taking online courses but don’t have the extra money to spend on them, consider edX. This system offers courses for free in a myriad of different subjects.

Don’t worry, they’re still legitimate courses from major universities.

Some of the universities on that list include Harvard, Berkley, and MIT. This is because they have great partnerships with different universities and professors, helping you build your network even further.

8. Userinput

Would you rather get honest, Shark Tank-like feedback about your business and your ideas? If the traditional entrepreneurship community doesn’t cut it then look into Userinput.

Userinput comprises of different users who will provide feedback. This feedback can be on your overall business and your business idea, as well as individual products such as an app or your website.

Don’t worry — the honest input isn’t meant to hurt you. The users offer constructive criticism to help you improve many areas of your business.

9. Clarity

While business owner networks are meant to expand your connections, sometimes it’s best to just meet the experts who will guide you in the right direction.

Clarity offers this. Clarity is an organization that aims to introduce new entrepreneurs to industry experts and mentors.

The best part? You search for these mentors yourself. Clarity offers a way to search for mentors by your business niche and/or skillset. From here, you contact them and ask for advice or for questions.

10. Growthority

The earliest stages of growth are the hardest hurdle for an entrepreneur to endure. Fortunately, Growthority handles this stage for you. They’re a growth-hacking service that can help build up your establishment quickly.

Growthority helps you outsource professionals for the skills you need but don’t have (and if you don’t have the money for a staff). Some of these skills include tech and marketing.

Connect to a Business Advisor

These are all great entrepreneur resources. But do you want to directly connect to a professional?

You’ll need the best business advisor who can lead your business in the right direction. Contact me today and I can provide more information on my business consultation services.