Funny How Time Slips Away

Gone are the “good ol’ days” of managing day-to-day discovery with a briefcase, highlighter, and a red rope. Discovery has gone digital and as she’s now 30 years old!  To quote Wille Nelson, “Gee, ain’t it funny, how time slips away.”

In 1986, Electronic Discovery (aka eDiscovery) was in her infancy when Dataflight brought Concordance into the world and since then we’ve watch eDiscovery grow over the years. In the early years, Summation jumped in to help manage eDiscovery’s tiff tantrums and in her formative years we saw CaseLogistix step in to help establish stronger research habits.

We watched as eDiscovery came into her own as a teenager and she began to shift more and more to email. Thus, many young suitors such as Relativity and Ringtail arrived at the doorstep wanting a chance to escort her to the dance. During those years we noticed everyone shifting towards hosted arrangements so eDiscovery didn’t have to stay home, err, in-house but those days are long gone.

Here we are in 2016 and eDiscovery is now an bona fide adult. Gone are the days of having all her possessions in a suitcase which can be cataloged in an hour. She’s abandoned her rattlers and teething rings, no longer needs babysitters and the baby-gate infrastructure to keep her safe, and is way too mature for the paycheck draining hosted house parties. She’s got an attic of hard drives, houses on every continent, and growing responsibilities that require real-time management and immediate results.

Luckily, the cloud has arrived to help eDiscovery manage her ever growing collections and meet the ever shrinking deadlines!

How can the cloud be of any benefit?  Here are 10 reasons:

1. Speed

Would you rather renew your driver’s license online or down at the DMV?

Cloud-based eDiscovery platforms that are architected for the web are exponentially faster than in-house and hosted platforms. There is too much data and shorter deadlines to put up with waiting for results.Cicayda’s mission was to design a real-time platform for analytics and searching regardless of how much data you have collected or received.No more standing in line waiting!2. Ease-of-Use

Technology is getting better, faster, and easier to use. Cloud based eDiscovery platforms are easier on the eyes, are mobile friendly, and provide faster navigation.

3. Security

Cicayda takes security very seriously. In fact, your clients’ data is much safer in the cloud than on the servers in your office.

Tim Francis, enterprise leader for cyber insurance for Travelers, recently noted “One in two companies report being the target of a cyber attack… Sixty percent of attacks last year struck small to medium-sized businesses.” He said there are 34,529 known computer incidents each day and the goal for the bad guys is to “make money as easily as possible” (Harman, Patricia. “50% of small businesses have been the target of a cyber attack.” Oct 2015).

Amazon’s CTO, Werner Vogels, recently said in a LinkedIn article that “looking to the future, and specifically into 2016, we will see a general acceptance that organizations are more secure in the cloud than in their own data centers…By offloading the management and improvement of the infrastructure security to a cloud provider, it is simplifying security for organizations of all sizes” (Vogels, Werner. “Simplification is the Technology Trend for 2016.” LinkedIn. Dec 2015).
4. Peace-of-Mind

Not only is your clients’ data likely more secure in the cloud; it’s also much safer. Your fears of force majeure, theft, sabotage, fires, floods, and natural disasters become obsolete. No more in-house servers requiring constant capital investment into the equipment and software maintenance.

Cicayda’s cloud based system is replicated throughout the cloud so there’s no need to maintain expensive offsite backups or multiple co-locations!

5. Accessibility

The beauty of the cloud is that you can access your eDiscovery platform from anywhere and from any device connected to the web.  You’re no longer chained to the office or having to work from a painfully slow remote connection.

On a plane to your 26(f) conference but forgot to run that key term search? No problem. Open your tablet or laptop and start searching!

6. State-of-the-Art Technology

Upgrades to cloud-based eDiscovery platforms are seamless and applied much more frequently than the common quarterly or semi-annual upgrades. Cloud-based eDiscovery upgrades happen in the background without the users even know they’re happening. Gone are the days of a scheduled downtime on a non-descript Tuesday for the entire office to have an update published.

7. Defensibility

Cloud-based eDiscovery platforms offer audit reporting tools (a paper trail so-to-speak) giving you a record of the exact search parameters used to filter your clients’ data. Real-time review tracking provides an immediate insight into of which reviewer made particular document-level review designations (i.e. – confidential, privileged, etc.).

8. Scalable

Storing data on servers and backing up files onto external, offline media “has been at the forefront of data storage since IBM released the first tape drive 60 years ago in 1953.” It is management heavy and doesn’t offer the unlimited storage space and immediate geographical redundancy that the cloud provides (Evans, Chris. “In-house tape vs cloud archiving.”

Using the cloud means you no longer need to physically store and upkeep servers, piles of hard drives, or flimsy CDs and tapes. Storing data on physical devices increases the risk of being lost, stolen, corrupted, or broken and requires constant scaling as the data grows.

The cloud provides an unlimited resource to store your data and requires no internal infrastructure upgrades. Did you receive 2 terabytes of data this morning!? No worries because the cloud can scale automatically.

9. Costs to Your Firm

Zero!!! That’s right – nothing, nada, zilch!

Say goodbye to software maintenance fees, upgrade fees, user fees, IT infrastructure and litigation support staffing needs that fall under your non-recoverable, administrative costs.

eDiscovery is unbiased and doesn’t care if you are a solo practitioner or an AmLaw 100 firm. She disregards your annual internal budget meetings and can ruin a holiday party with her review needs. When attempting to manage these large volumes of discovery you may even feel like Mark Watney in the Martian.   Mark stresses, “At some point, everything’s gonna go south on you… everything’s going to go south and you’re going to say, this is it. This is how I end” (Martian).

Don’t stress. Cicayda’s cloud based platform allows you to stay true to your annual administrative budget, remove all of the IT headaches, and have the most cutting edge technology at your fingertips all the time.

10. Costs to Your Clients

Cicayda’s cloud-based eDiscovery platform allows your clients to save money. We minimize the month to month overhead of housing all of the discovery collected by performing data reduction in the cloud upon receipt. Additionally, the prowess of our real-time analytics help identify key documents quickly, provides a robust research component unmatched in the industry, and defensibly reduces the manual review of all documents.

You may ask, “What about the hosting fees that come with a cloud-based eDiscovery platform?” Cicayda’s subscription fees are simple, provide an elegant solution to managing complex discovery, and offers you more time to focus on winning rather than headaches. The subscription fees includes data storage, access to state-of-the-art legal technology and support providing a competitive edge without the burden of in-house infrastructure, user fees, and DIY gimmicks.

Moving to the cloud is very simple, get Cicayda, get Cicayda today. With data secure at rest and in transmission, and with all the eDiscovery answers and software at your fingertips, you can relax and do what you do best – practice law.

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By Aaron Vick and Jeff Herron